Our Story

MomKind is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to spread kindness to others. We are a group of over 70 moms committed to making this possible. After watching tragedy strike our community during Hurricane Harvey and a local school shooting, we decided that what is needed most is kindness. We are working to cultivate a culture of kindness throughout the entire community.


MomKind, which began as Harvey Moms, was created at a time when many of us needed kindness more than ever. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we wanted to help. As a group of moms, we knew we couldn't help with sheetrock and flooring, but we could feed them. We also wanted to help in a way that allowed our children to be involved to teach them the importance of spreading kindness and helping others. A few meals turned into over 3,000 meals. We also involved the dads when we renovated a flooded home for a family in need.

When tragedy again struck close to home in the form of a school shooting at Santa Fe High School, a high school in the south east Houston area, we were again called to action. MomKind rewarded 10 SFHS graduating seniors with our first KindHeart Scholarships.

When disaster or devastaion affects our communities, we are called to action. We respond quickly and with passion and energy. We will continue to spread kindness at the biggest times of need. As we grow, though, we recognize the need to cultivate kindness in an ongoing manner and continue to involve the children.  


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