kindheart scholarship

Our KindHeart Scholarship is awarded annually to local high school seniors that have gone above and beyond to demonstrate a kind heart by spreading kindness in their community, leading by example for other students, and following their generous heart in all situations. It is the cornerstone of our organizations fundraising efforts and the philanthropic effort that we take the most pride in.



To be considered for our KindHeart Scholarship, a nominee must be nominated by someone else - friend, teacher, etc. Must be in good standing with their school and must show proof of continuing education. 


  • Demonstrates regular and/or above and beyond acts of kindness

  • Habitually shows a caring heart and take action to make their community a better place

  • Has proven to impact other students, teachers, families, and/or organizations


past recipients

2019 Recipients

Santa Fe High School

Paige Keenan

Landon Thompson

Maegan Huddleston

Riley Tacquard

Jamie Hitchcock

Kylie Verm

Rachel Bejarano

Andie Martinez

Kasidi Istre

Kara Hitchcock

2020 Recipients

Nominations coming soon!